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Safety in Abuja


Tips for a Secure and Enjoyable Visit

Welcome to Abuja, the pulsating capital city of Nigeria, where a vibrant blend of culture and modernity awaits you. As with any travel destination, being aware of safety measures is essential to ensure a smooth and worry-free experience. This comprehensive guide offers essential safety tips for navigating Abuja confidently, allowing you to focus on enjoying the city’s captivating sights and experiences.

General Safety Precautions

Stay in Well-Lit Areas

When exploring Abuja at night, stick to well-lit and populated areas to minimize risks.

Avoid Displaying Valuables

Keep expensive jewelry, cameras, and gadgets discreetly concealed to avoid attracting unnecessary attention.

Use Reliable Transportation

Opt for reputable taxi services or ride-hailing apps for safe and secure transportation within the city.

Health and Hygiene

Malaria Prevention

Abuja is in a malaria-prone region. Protect yourself by using mosquito repellent and sleeping under a mosquito net.

Safe Drinking Water

Stick to bottled or boiled water to prevent waterborne illnesses. Avoid consuming raw or undercooked food.

Medical Care

Locate reputable hospitals or clinics in Abuja and carry basic first aid supplies.

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Keep Exploring


Plan Your Trip

Research attractions, accommodation, and weather to create an unforgettable Abuja experience.

Getting Around Abuja

Getting Around Abuja

Taxis, buses, and car rentals offer convenient transportation options throughout the city.

Visa Guide

Visa Guide

Check visa requirements before traveling to Abuja to ensure a smooth entry process.

Practical Information

Practical Information

Carry cash, dress modestly, and respect local customs for a respectful visit.